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Weight Loss Management & Meds

BB's AllCare provides holistic weight loss management services and heavily discounted prescription options. We have self-pay (no insurance needed) for weight loss medications, with no minimum subscription required. Weight Loss Management Services available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am - 5pm.  Please do not schedule Weight Loss appointments via ZocDoc.

To schedule a weight loss clinic appointment,

please call BB's AllCare directly at (443) 398-8317.



Full-spectrum weight loss management services and medications at reduced prices 

from a trained Weight Loss Management Provider.  We offer Semaglutide (same active ingredient as Ozympic® and Wegovy®), Tirzepatide (same active ingredient as Mounjaro® and Zepbound), B-12 Metabolism Boosters, Lipo-Mino and Lipo-Plus Weight Loss Enhancers, Weight Management Treatment Planning and Counseling.

The way WE work at BB's

  • No Insurance Hassles, Delays, Denials, or Refusals

    • Your full price is known up front  – credit card or cash-pay only

    • Typically costs 75% less than brand name medications with Insurance/Pharmacy process 

    • Custom weight loss programs - No minimum subscription length required

  • Provider does physical exam, labs, medical history review to determine best path/medication

    • Provider has a Certificate in Weight Loss Management.

    • Provider prescribes affordable generic weight loss medications (if appropriate for Patient health)

    • Most popular GLP-1 medicine: Semaglutide -Same active ingredient as Ozympic®, Wegovy® 

    • New FDA-approved GLP-1 medicine: Tirzepatide - Same active ingredient as Mounjaro®, ZepboundTM

  • Provider does initial injections, training, counseling, and program modifications as needed.

  • We provide alternative and/or additive solutions for your specific needs.

The way it works currently with Insurance 

  • Provider performs physical exam on patient (IF your insurance is accepted by provider)

  • Provider sends exam results and medication request to Insurance.

    • Insurance only covers medications for certain medical conditions (diabetes, etc.).

  • IF insurance says okay (normally NO!) then Provider prescribes to your Pharmacy

  • Your Neighborhood Pharmacy sends prescriptions to manufacturer/distributor.

  • Neighborhood Pharmacy finally gets medications from manufacturer/distributor.

  • You pick up meds at your Neighborhood Pharmacy, which charges you up to $1700 

  • You also purchase syringes and alcohol swabs 

  • IF “covered,” you still pay deductibles and co-pays

    • Can be over $7000 annual deductible, and $100 co-pay per prescription

  • You inject yourself from the beginning

  • No weight loss counseling included – go back to the provider and insurance issues above.

BB's Programs

  • Initial Physical Exam, blood labs, counseling, and first medication dose - $195 (self-pay)

  • 1 month program (4 weekly shots) - Price varies with medication type

  • 3 month program (12 weekly doses and includes B-12 booster shots) - Price varies with medication

  • 3 month sustaining doses (higher medication levels) - same price as initial program

  • Lipo-Mino and Lipo-Plus metabolism and fat burning medications available at reduced prices

  • Syringes and alcohol swabs are included in the price


Please call BB's AllCare directly at (443) 398-8317 or (443) 536-5712 for Weight Loss appointments

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