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Weight Loss Management SignUp

BB's AllCare will be providing Weight Loss Management Services on Wednesdays (other days call for appointments), beginning on February 7th.  Please do not schedule Weight Loss appointments via BB's AllCare Athena Health Patient Portal. In the coming days, we will be providing a separate website for self-pay weight loss management scheduling and prescriptions.

To schedule a weight loss appointment, please call BB's AllCare directly at (443) 398-8317


Full-spectrum weight loss management services and medications at reduced prices 

from a trained Weight Loss Management Provider.  

The way WE work at BB's

  • No Insurance Hassles, Delays, Denials, or Refusals

    • Your full price is known up front  – credit card or cash-pay only

    • Typically costs 80% less than brand name medications with Insurance/Pharmacy process 

  • Provider does physical exam, labs, medical history review to determine best path/medication

    • Provider has a Certificate in Weight Loss Management.

    • Provider prescribes affordable generic weight loss medications (if appropriate for Patient health)

    • Most popular medicine: Same active ingredient as Ozympic®, Wegovy® (Semaglutide)

    • Newly FDA-approved medicine: Same active ingredient as Mounjaro® (Tirzepatide)

  • Provider does initial injections, training, counseling, and program modifications as needed.

  • We provide alternative and/or additive solutions for your specific needs.

The way it works currently with Insurance 

  • Provider performs physical exam on patient (if your insurance is accepted by provider)

  • Provider sends exam results and medication request to Insurance.

    • Insurance only covers medications for certain medical conditions (diabetes, etc.).

  • IF insurance says okay (normally NO!) then Provider prescribes to Neighborhood Pharmacy

  • Neighborhood Pharmacy sends prescriptions to manufacturer/distributor.

  • Neighborhood Pharmacy finally gets medications from manufacturer/distributor.

  • You pick up meds at your Neighborhood Pharmacy, which charges you up to $1800 for shots

  • You also purchase syringes and alcohol swabs 

  • IF “covered,” you still pay deductibles and co-pays

    • Can be over $7000 annual deductible, and $100 co-pay per prescription

  • You inject yourself from the beginning

  • No weight loss counseling included – go back to the provider and insurance equation above.

BB's Programs

  • Initial Physical Exam, blood labs, counseling, and first medication dose - $195 (self-pay)

  • 1 month program (4 weekly shots) - Price varies with medication type

  • 3 month program (12 weekly doses and includes B-12 booster shots) - Price varies with medication

  • 3 month sustaining doses (higher medication levels) - same price as initial program

  • Lipo-Mino and Lipo-Plus metabolism and fat burning medications available at reduced prices

  • Syringes and alcohol swabs are included in the price


Please call BB's AllCare directly at (443) 398-8317 or (443) 536-5712 for Weight Loss appointments

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